Thursday Tea - We B Tea
Thursday Tea - We B Tea
Thursday Tea - We B Tea
Thursday Tea - We B Tea

Thursday Tea - We B Tea

Ambition & Performance, 120 g.


I lager

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Organic Thursday is a green tea blend keeping it real to your palette, while you focus on the goal ahead. With a mixture of sweet, sour and slightly bitter notes, this tea is here to rule the day with you!

Hibiscus, Lemon & Pink pepper.

China sencha, hibiscus, natural flavouring, China White Monkey, apple, lemon peels, pink pepper, redcurrant.

China Sencha green tea

Known effects of lowering bad cholesterol and decreasing the risk of stroke and coronary diseases.


Is rich in vitamin C, iron and thiamine. lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve endothelial function.

White Monkey tea

Is an aromatic green tea slightly steamed and then dried, full of antioxidants and lowering bad cholesterol.


Adds a natural sweetness and contains vitamin C & E.

Lemon peel

High source of vitamin C (almost 3 times more than lemon juice), do also contain vitamin B6 and calcium.

Pink Peper

Adds a peppery aromatic taste.


Have a very high content of antioxidant vitamin C, almost 3 times as high as orange. Also rich vitamin E which is superb for our skin.